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When it comes to marketing for construction sites, the secret is to play in advance.                  

Following the rules of communication, it is essential to create a positive sense of expectation, stimulating curiosity, the desire to know the new real estate reality, the desire to “give it a thought”. In this way it is possible to sell the spaces of a property while it is still under construction.

Not only that: in doing so, all parties involved come out on top. The investor and the builder, because they can be sure of getting back in the shortest possible time of the investment; and buyers, who can secure a modern property, made by applying the best solutions, perfectly new, and turnkey.

To do this – to implement an efficient construction site marketing campaign – the right channels must be intercepted: the most efficient, most performing, and above all, those where it is possible to intercept the target for the type of property under construction. The best practices of communication must be respected, building a story that is studied in detail and, above all, exciting.

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The channels of real estate marketing for construction sites

Immobiliare Santalfredo has developed an elaborate and systematic site marketing campaign process, which maximizes the yield of each communication operation.

From the design of the logo and the communication line to the design of the paper material (billboards, flyers and flyers, dedicated brochures, specifications), up to the creation of the website dedicated to the property under construction: each element is carefully calculated, designed, created.

Above all, it is not a static communication. Attentive and dynamic web marketing management is associated with the website and the various online platforms (landing pages, social channels). Immobiliare Santalfredo is in fact specialized in the programming of pay-per-click ad campaigns (PPC) and promotional DEM campaigns. In this way it is possible to intercept a pool of interested public as wide as possible.

Finally, great importance is given to real estate copywriting: the tool with which the narration of a property – of a building site, in this case – can really take off, convincing the potential buyer to take an interest in it right away.

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