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Buying a property has always been, and will remain, an excellent investment. The reasons are many: in the real estate sector it is possible to enjoy an excellent rate of return and tax advantages, and to build a profitable wealth.

An intelligent solution could be invested in the brick in Brianza, which is now an announced market that enjoys an excellent reputation, since it combines stability and excellent returns, especially in the long term.

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The advantages of investing with Immobiliare Santalfredo

Property stability creates a perfect asset class around which you can build a strong and stable investment portfolio. But there are other advantages that Immobiliare Santalfredo believes are important to consider:

Invest in real estate by applying for income for life

The number one reason to invest in real estate is to generate income for yourself, so that you can enjoy more life without the thought of money.

Perhaps the idea of ​​committing economically to the purchase of an asset can be daunting and difficult to deal with, but the right offer is possible to be guided safely through each phase of the investment.

The real estate sector offers better returns than the stock market

According to real estate data, the risk of impairment is minimized for the time the property is located. When the market improves, the value of the home also increases and, consequently, a patrimony is created.

In the stock market, however, the risk is always behind the door: there are many factors beyond your control that can have a negative impact on your investment.

When investing in real estate, you have more control over your investment, as ownership is a tangible asset that can be exploited to capitalize on various exchanges of revenue, while enjoying capital appreciation.

Property values ​​will always increase over time

The land and property are always updated, indeed tender and increase over time. In the provinces that have a strong expansion, such as Monza and Brianza, the properties are already reevaluated

Of course, unexpected and rare situations can make a property devalue. The consultants of Immobiliare Santalfredo will be able to help the client decide the best strategy for a successful purchase process.

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Real estate investments have numerous tax advantages

Tax deductions can be obtained on:

Mortgage interest;

Cash flow from property investments;

Expenses and operating costs;

Property taxes;


Depreciation (even if the property gains value) and other benefits.

Enhancement of the region and urbanization

An important aspect to think about when investing in real estate is where it is located and what the growth potential of that region is.

The areas close to universities and new neighborhoods in areas furthest from urban centers, for example, have great growth potential, which enhances the real estate sector.

A real estate agency such as Santalfredo observes its city, understands the potential of its territory, analyzes development in perspective and directs customers to the right investments.

This is why we can continue to say that making a real estate investment in Monza, Brianza and Milan today is still a winning choice.

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