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The speed with which new products are accepted, made their own, and used for customer satisfaction has always been the watershed between “average” real estate agencies and real estate agencies that are truly capable of looking ahead.

The reason is the same as why an excellent real estate agent keeps his eyes constantly focused on the real estate market in the area in which he operates (and not only): being always up to date is essential.

As well as finding new ways to “show” a property for sale to potential customers.

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Real estate footage with drone

Still underused in our country, drone flight allows you to create amazing videos, which can – it is appropriate to say – make a difference in the way a property is perceived.

This consequently translates more easily into a successful negotiation.

With the drone you can transform the view of the property into an impressive visual experience. The property becomes part of an engaging story, takes shape and life within the environment in which it is located. In this way it is also easier to show the services in the neighborhood, or vice versa, the beauty of the context.

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The drone to touch the buyer’s heart

The way in which the drone is used for the real estate sector does not end with the famous aerial shots, but it is possible to think of indoor real estate videos, in which the video camera travels through the spaces of the property, giving back an emotional path, which will translate almost unfailingly in a very quick shopping experience.

Internal drone flights can also replace (at least in part) a visit to the property or become an excellent “first taste” to be served remotely. From this point of view, the indoor drone goes perfectly with home staging practices (also virtual).

The drone increases the visibility of buildings, helping to increase their chances of sale.

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Obviously, it will be the professionals who collaborate with Immobiliare Santalfredo – ENAC authorized personnel – to take care not only of the technical aspect of filming, but also of the bureaucratic issues related to the flight itself.

Similarly, videomakers will work on filming to insert effects and overlays that will make the video – and therefore the property for sale – even more attractive

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