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Let’s not beat around the bush : home staging is the “party dress” of the property on sale.

To speed up the sale of a residential property it is not enough to write the right ad, place it on the most important real estate portals and attract the potential customer. We must make sure that the person who comes to visit the house for sale – and who can become the buyer – falls in love with it … possibly at the first glance.

Home staging is the Cupid of real estate sales techniques. The one that must trigger the love at first sight between the potential buyer and your property.

It is also called “construction of the property”, and has the aim of making the potential buyer “feel at home”. The installation is always done in the interest of those who sell or rent a house, and aims to give the property an attractive and welcoming appearance.

home staging presentare al meglio una casa

The home staging of an apartment, a villa, a house creates an illusion – a good illusion. With this technique, the qualities of the property are highlighted, while minimizing any defects.

  • Is there little natural light? The home stager will choose the most suitable colors for walls and furnishings, modify the existing lighting, play with mirrors to increase the intensity of the light.
  • Is the apartment of modest size? The home stager will use measures to make it seem more spacious.
  • Is there that hallway that you have never been able to use? The home stager will enhance it with a piece of furniture or with a decorative composition, giving it not only character, but also a place within the real estate structure.

Professional home stagers, such as those who collaborate with Immobiliare Santalfredo, allow you to significantly reduce the time of sale of a property, because it will be more difficult for the visiting person to feel the need to “think it over”. With home staging it is possible to guide the interest of the potential customer, resolve his doubts, determine his choice.

A powerful tool in the hands of competent property developers (indeed: a now fundamental element of real estate marketing), home staging has also been used for years by Immobiliare Santalfredo to satisfy those who want to sell their home with transactions that conclude quickly and without smoothly. And greatly reducing the number of visits necessary for the sale.

The layout of the property rides the emotions of those who are looking for a home.

Those looking for a home very often choose their new home on the wave of emotions. Home staging serves precisely to make the potential buyer feel positive emotions, who will decide to buy the property in a short time, and without negotiating on the price.

The work of the home stager consists in the study of the property: spaces, proportions, lighting, colors, existing furnishings. Evaluate strengths and weaknesses, analyze the market and the target audience (therefore also the area in which the property is located) together with the agency, and set up the spaces of the property.

The collaboration with professional home stagers has allowed Immobiliare Santalfredo to speed up the buying and selling of a property several times, generating satisfied customers.

Note: the use of home staging is even more important in the case of difficult real estate markets, when the demand is reduced, in the face of a very large offer of apartments and houses.

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