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Even in the real estate sector, the next step is immersion: the possibility of visiting a property without being there, from the comfort of the sofa of your own home. Or to see what it will be like to walk in our new home, even before the foundations have been laid. Or, again, explore an apartment that we plan to buy, before a major renovation.

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Virtual innovation at the service of real estate

The possibilities are numerous and offer only benefits.

Virtual reality and augmented reality (the superimposition of additional information to what the customer sees) allow you to navigate within a real estate property that stands hundreds of kilometers away, streamlining the entire process of evaluation and choice.

It is possible to arrange tours in augmented reality within the buildings, to show through renderings “added” to the client’s visual field what the property will look like once the changes it wants will be made, possibly involving interior designers and architects to offer further choices on the interior organization. The quantity and quality of superimposable information has no limit.

How does it work? New generation augmented and virtual reality viewers are needed: Cardboard, Oculus Rift or Samsung Gear VR. By wearing them, it is possible to “navigate” within the perimeter of a property, with the assistance of a smartphone to guide the visitor along the path.

Questa immagine ha l'attributo alt vuoto; il nome del file è 3d-corteggia-immobili-2.jpg

Time saved plus cost cut equals perfect negotiation

Virtual reality is perfect right from the first stage of a negotiation, as it helps to skim potential customers, who can visit the building without even leaving their home. Because if a visit to the property remains the preferred way of learning, wasting time visiting a property – perhaps far away – that is not for us, is a nuisance that we are happy to spare.

Later in the negotiation, the technology can overlap the words of the real estate agent, to better convey the strengths of a property to the potential customer

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