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A realtor’s experience can be spotted in many situations, and one of the most important ones is the knowledge of the real estate market. The consequence of this deep knowledge is the realtor’s ability to give a precise value to a property, measured by the real estate situation happening at that moment.

Valutazione del mercato immobiliare

Why it is fundamental to know the local real estate market

To know the recurring offer, on sale, in the property’s zone, gives a chance to identify the pros and cons of the property. In this way we can find, since the beginning, the possible elements that might lower the price, or even better, those who might increase it. Determining the strong points lets you pull the right triggers in order to attract the right clients.

This comes from the correct market placement of the property, that hardly weights in on the time and price of the final sale. A precise placing in facts can let you not only prepare the sale announcement (and all the communication tools) for the target of buyers, but also to calibrate the PPC campaigns in order to communicate, to the right piece of public, the existence of a tempting and well valued property.

On the other side, knowing how to read the market – and so giving a right evaluation of a property – prevents us from making evaluation and positioning mistakes that could easily reveal themselves to be fatal for the turn out of a sale, and that can slow down the movement of it or, even worse, can repel possible buyers.

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