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Do you need to sell or rent a property? It is fundamental to know every aspect of this process.

It is indeed a process, and a quite complex and tricky one with numerous parts intersecting with each other without solution of continuity until the moment of the stipulation of the notary’s act. As long as there are no surprises, in that case the sale of a property can has unexpected consequences throughout time, even not very nice ones.

So, it is not just about selling the property, but it is necessary to dedicate time and attention to the entire process, and doing that by always knowing how key it is to have a deep knowledge of the market and the ability to analyze and make thorough research. As well as the ability of solving issues.

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Why pick Immobiliare Santalfredo?

Choosing a pro of the real estate industry is a winning choice in order to get an easy and quick sale. That is because he is able to advise the client in the best way possible throughout all the steps of the sale, thanks to a team of experts and advisers who are highly qualified to do so.

Knowledge Of The Market And Pluriannual Experience

Immobiliare Santalfredo has a profound knowledge of the market, which lets it respond well to the challenges given by the sale of any property.

This means knowing how to define in a precise way the right target in order to satisfy the expectations of the sale and to create the necessary trust relationship that needs to define the relationship between a realtor and the client.

A successful realtor finds the right price. Works exclusively for his client. Proposes a top-notch marketing plan.

The agency decides with the client on the commercial and marketing strategy, to then deal with all the aspects of the management, following an innovative and analytic school of thought.

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Correct evaluation of a client’s property

Often properties owners do not have a real idea of how much their property is really worth- which depends not only by its characteristics and conditions but also by the real estate market’s conditions.

Given Immobilare Santalfredo’s experience in the real estate game, the evaluation of the property is made by considering every possible aspect that might affect it.

Positivity: how to improve your estate.

The visit of a potential buyer is the first and only chance to positively impress him/her.

Before placing a property on the market, there is a series of steps that could make in order to make it even more appealing and interesting. They could be easy ones like cleaning deeply the place or more complex ones like restorations or reparations, big and small ones (changing light bulbs, furniture, walls)

These tiny modifications, that are included in the home staging domain, can make a difference and increase value of the client’s property and to the eyes of the future buyer.

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Attention and Availableness to Potential Clients

In recent times we found ourselves in front of clients who are more and more informed, who make decisions based on accurate research made by themselves.

Questions must have true and clear answers, but most important of all quick ones. Otherwise the sale risks to be compromised since the beginning of it.

Immobiliare Santalfredo daily checks requests and makes an accurate scouting of possible clients, quickly programming visits to the property.

Mediation and Advising

There is always a process of negotiation behind every offer. The agency deals with the mediation between the buyer and the seller, taking care of both parties’ interests and making the necessary negotiations. Not just that: we can rely on the best legal and notary advisers, in order to solve every type of legal and bureaucratic complication that might come up during the process.

The objective? A quick, safe and with no preoccupations sale.

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