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You must have heard this so many times. The secret is the method.

Let us say it: it is like this if you are trying to sell your property as well.

Might it be a luxury apartment, a three-room apartment in the middle of the city or a villa, it doesn’t matter: what really matters, in order to place a sale with success and in the quickest time possible, is using a working sale method.

Immobiliare Santalfredo knows that a real estate sale’s worst enemy are the classic standard sale plans and “raining marketing”.

metodo di vendita immobiliare

The customization of the sale plan for the client’s property is the first step in order to sell it. This means studying the possible buyer to surely intercept the best offer in order to close the sale, without wasting any time or money in useless mediatic attention outside of target.

Obviously, Immobiliare Santalfredo deals with studying the possible buyer.

Just like we deal with studying a sale plan for the house on sale that can go over the minimum standards imposed by the law, those suggested by this category’s associations and those used by the competition.

No, Immobiliare Santalfredo doesn’t want to overdo anything: we simply know that our hard work translates into the client’s satisfaction.

soggiorno immobiliare santalfredo


Thanks to the long experience in the real estate business, Immobilare Santalfredo was able to concentrate its sale method into four steps, and each one of them contributes to the efficiency of the sale (and to the satisfaction of who leaves his property to it)

Cadastral compliance

It is needed in order to anticipate and eliminate all issues with the property’s and documentation’s compliance before they might slow down the sale time: this thing could risk scaring the buyer. It’s a key phase to get a sale without any bad surprises.

How Immobiliare Santalfredo works

  1. Creates a paper for the client on the property’s urbanistic-cadastral conformity
  2. Helps in solving possible technic-urbanistic defects.

Strategic marketing plan

Three steps to develop opportunities that are individuated as most affective to bring the property to the attention of the best possible buyer.

How Immobiliare Santalfredo works

  1. Real estate intelligence sessions. It consists in inspections and personalized programs, throughout which we can gather information relevant to the definition of the marketing plan: on the house, around the house and on the competing properties
  2. Session in the study. On the base of the gathered information, the most adapt strategic elements are chosen and a communication plan is created so that it can make the property’s offer different from those of the competition and relevant for the buyer.
  3. Presale session: marketing hypothesis are validated by proposing the property with a “market preview” to a list of potential buyers. 25% of the times, this is already enough to receive a purchase proposal without having to expose the property to mediatic attention.

At this point we can reduce to the minimum times and problems that separate the release of the property from the purchase proposal offered by the future buyer.


How Immobiliare Santalfredo works

  1. Actually does what planned in the strategic marketing plan
  2. Carefully selects all the received contacts, in order to show the house only to qualified and really interested people. This saves time for everybody: to the client, to the potential buyers, and to the agency
  3. Gives detailed and clear information to the clients. Clients are accompanied for the inspection at the property that is on sale, which will have been prepared to satisfy certain standards of presentation.
  4. Helps the buyer so that he can decide to buy with full confidence and satisfaction.

Updates and optimizations

This is a cyclical phase, that repeats until the property is sold. It is given full visibility on the sale process of the house, while the marketing plan is updated so that it is at the top of efficiency.

How Immobiliare Santalfredo works.

  1. Reporting activity. Realizes periodic reports on the sale’s trend, filled with sale data, considerations and advices.
  2. Improving of marketing plan activity. Depending on opportunities and possible threats that happen over time (innovating of our service, entering of new competitors, market updates, clients’ feedback), it updates the marketing plan to guarantee its full effectiveness.

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