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A real estate agent operates in the market, connecting the parties who want to reach a real estate purchase agreement. The agent assesses the price of the properties, advertises those that are entrusted to him for sale, mediates and follows the negotiation until his last step, the signing of the notarial deed.

But a real estate agent is more: he is your partner when you decide to buy, sell or rent a property.

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Santalfredo follows the principles

There is a regulation that regulates the activity of the real estate agent.

The Agent is increasingly driven by the market in compliance with regulations. This respect eliminates the stereotyped, almost cinematographic vision of the agent as a salesperson, and identifies him more properly for what he really is: a qualified seller and consultant, able to take on the task of guaranteeing the safety of sales, privacy, respect of the numerous obligations.

These are all important skills, which form the technical basis for the work of Immobiliare Santalfredo agents.

Very often the customer does not even know that regulations not only exist, but that they are designed precisely to make the relationship between the buyer, seller, agents and agencies work better.

The professional real estate agency is responsible for applying the principles of the business to the utmost, choosing its collaborators at best.

The qualities of the real estate agent

In addition to technical training, an agent must be an all-round human figure, possessing above all some key characteristics:

  • Strong and confident mentality. It allows the agent to be a better negotiator.
  • Ability to build customer relationships based on trust (let’s not forget that people entrust the often most important investments of their lives to the real estate agent)
  • Authenticity. It is a value that is always rewarded: and the world of real estate buying and selling is no exception.
  • Transparency. Transparency builds the real success of a real estate sale. At the center there must always be the interest of the protagonists, who should never be indulged, on the contrary: the good real estate agent can say no. And this applies to the short, medium and long term.
  • Time management. This is a fundamental quality for the agent, but which is positively reflected in his way of managing customers. It translates into availability, presence, readiness.
  • It has as its main objective the well-being and customer satisfaction.
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So what is the task of the real estate agency?

It is the clearest, and at the same time the most difficult: the agency’s job is to surround itself with competent, reliable, prepared, respectful of professional ethics and responsible agents.

Immobiliare Santalfredo has chosen to make use of collaborators who care about their own values, who are connected to the same vision of the real estate world and the profession we carry out.

Our agents believe in the value of dialectics and dialogue, they have a knowledge of the market niche in which they always operate attentive and updated.

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