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The world of home seekers has changed. Now digital is the master.

In fact, looking for a home is more and more an activity that begins in the comfort of your own living room, with your smartphone or tablet. You are looking for a house online, through the larger real estate portals, or on smaller sites, specialized in the real estate offer of a given geographical area. The data are clear: more than half of buyers are starting the search for a new home online, and the percentage is expected to increase in the coming years.

Going out to visit the properties takes place only later, when a first selection has already been made.

It is clear that there are two key factors to interest potential customers in their property for sale:

• The quality of the ad in all its parts (photos, home staging, emotional videos and augmented reality rendering)

• The visibility of the ad on dedicated portals and sites

Visibilità immobiliare sui portali

Being visible is everything: especially for a property for sale

The goal of Immobiliare Santalfredo is to give maximum visibility to the property for sale, so that the ad appears on the results page at the right time: that is, when the potential customer has done some research.

Being there is therefore fundamental: and being in the first positions is even more so. Only in this way can the sale take place in a short time, and take place in the best way.

Positioning on real estate search engines is the moment when every other element of the evaluation and preparation of the property for sale converge to “build” a visible, performing and attractive advertisement.

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